IntegraLabs Women’s Health Initiative with Real-Time PCR testing.

IntegraLabs Women’s Health intiative offers Providers and Patients access to the latest and most accurrate testing of:

  • Bacterial Vaginosis,
  • Aerobic Vaginitis,
  • Vaginal Candidiasis, and
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

Reliable, Accurate, Timely Results. 

Think about Women’s Health for a minute:

  • Vaginal infections lead to 10,000,000 office visits a year
  • Candida is the 4th leading cause of bloodstream infections in the US
  • 5% of women experience recurring infections 4x in 1 year
  • 75% of women experience BV at least once in their lifetime
  • 84% of women with BV have no symptoms
  • 200,000 fetal deaths each year are caused by untreated STI’s
  • Invasive Candidiasis ultimately causes organ failure and death

Real-time PCR can detect slow-growing, difficult-to-cultivate, or uncultivable microorganisms and a testing alternative when traditional microbiological techniques lead to ambiguous results.


Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Accurately ID pathogenic organism as quickly as possible.
  • Prescribe the most effective treatment on initial visit.
  • Identify drug resistant species (e.g., C. krusei) that may require special treatment.
  • Identify co-infections (e.g. N. gonorrhoeae and T. vaginalis) requiring multiple drugs.

Utilizing real-time PCR techniques along with microorganism-specific assays enables rapid and accurate detection and categorization of microorganisms involved in bacterial vaginosis, aerobic vaginitis, vaginal candidiasis, and sexually transmitted infections. Assays cover 34 pathogenic and commensal microbes, plus control assays for human (RNase P) and bacterial (16S) targets.


Which is better Traditional or PCR Testing?

Judge for yourself:

  • Overall specificity of 99.7% utilizing RT-PCR testing of gDNA with vaginal microbiota assays.
  • Results are interpreted based on a clinically validated algorithm of targeted organisms.
  • With IntegraLabs Real-Time PCR testing, more organisms are targeted and used in the algorithm providing higher levels of sensitivity and specificity thus creating more positive and negative calls.



  • Culture takes time
  • Microscopy-based testing lacks sensitivity/specificity
  • May be difficult to detect slow-growing, difficult-to-cultivate, or uncultivable microorganisms




Real-Time PCR TEST

  • Rapid detection
  • High Specificity and Sensitivity
  • Accurate detection with categorization



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