IntegraLabs UTI Real-time PCR Testing

  • Identifies 32 Different Targets
  • Result time is significatly less vs. Traditional Culture Based Results
  • RT-PCR Accuracy 25% above Traditional Culture Based Organisms Detected

How It Benefits Your Patients

Easy to interpret Scoring System removes challenges in finding appropriate treatment regimen for more complex infections.

Provides optimal drug regimen, dosage, duration and route of administration in the treatment of UTI’s.

Treatment Regimen Options based on:

> Organism & Antimicrobial Resistance Genes Levels Detected. Low scores mean less resistance and more treatment options.

> Patient Allergies

> Adverse Drug Reaction and Associated Risks

Testing / Diagnosis Factors to consider:

> Antibiotic Resistance

> Patient Allergies

> Drug Information


Understand how detected levels can affect treatmen options.

  • When to treat?
  • Special Considerations
  • Duration


> Easy to Interpret

> Assists in Providing Optimal Treatment Regimen Options based on AMA Guidelines

> Fast Turnaround

Make informed clinical decisions and provide optimal treatment regimen for infections that are more complex and difficult to treat.


Your partner in fighting infectious disease.