Genetic Testing

What is it and Why is it helpful?

Most drugs are broken down and cleared from the body by a family of enzymes known as Cytochrome P450. Genetic testing takes a look at some of those enzymes to determine if you have a genetic variation in any enzyme which assists in breaking down the medication.  A genetic variation could change the way your body processes the medication leading to increased adverse reactions or decreased benefit.


How is testing done?

Simple and painless, a sterile swab is used to gather a sample of DNA from inside your cheek.

Caucasian female doctor taking a saliva sample

Personalized knowledge with Integrity.
Personalized medicine is here and cost-effective.

Adverse reactions are the 5th leading cause of death in the US.

Also, there is a 67% chance of drug to drug interactions in patients taking 5 medications.

Now there is a way to anticipate and manage these interactions

  • Get dosing guidance to help patients feel better faster
  • Find the right drug the first time reducing trial and error prescribing
  • Use genetic reports for all future prescribing
  • Save time, save money, save the guessing
  • Reduce drug to drug interactions cutting down on side effects

IntegraLabs is making genetics affordable for everyone and less time consuming for your practice

IntegraLabs billing highlights

  • All prior authorizations initiated in lab
  • Patient Assistance program for those who qualify
  • Extensive insurance contracting
  • Accepting all insurance plans


List of dna analysis in capital letters in black

Specialized Genetic Tests
Offered for:

  • Cardiovascular
  • COVID19 PCR Testing
    • Nasal Pharyngeal
    • Oral Pharyngeal
  • Pain Management
  • Personalized Pharmacogenetics
  • Mental Health
  • Women’s Health
    • Vaginitis Panel – coming soon